Nennerhof - Living & Sport / Apartments in Hintertux

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Nennerhof - Living & Sport / Apartments in Hintertux
Brigitte Mader

More than a house

With the construction of the new Nennerhof, more than just a house was built. The six alpine-modern apartments and the Sport Nenner flagship store are a dream that came true for the whole Mader family.

The Nennerhof story began with a traditional farm in the 17th century that was passed down through the generations – the farm and house were called ‘Nenner’. Hence, ‘Nennerhof’. We, your host family, are the Maders and we look forward to welcoming you.

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Holiday in Hintertux – holiday in Nennerhof

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The big year of 2018

After more than five years of intensive planning, the time came in April 2018: the groundbreaking ceremony for an exciting year of construction. Five years of planning are by no means an exaggeration because the first ideas were sparked much earlier. The past of Nennerhof does not matter to us as much as our determination to continue writing its story. We consciously separate ourselves from the relics and focus on what we stand for in order to build a lasting foundation for the next generations.

You’ll notice these considerations all over Nennerhof. The trained eye will recognise that we deliberately distanced ourselves from the homely alpine hut charm and went with a symbiosis of modernity and alpine traditions. High ceilings, plenty of space and a cosy and welcoming feeling are the result of years of planning.

Well-thought-out concept

The Nennerhof ambiance

Alpine, modern and uncomplicated